We are bootstrapped start up and promoters friends and family have invested seed money and we have grown organically

We make cool products primarily targeting Indian Audience

We focus both on B2C and B2B market as well and some of our products are already marking Revenue

Explore Our Products

YouMeOffer is an Android app to BUY, SELL and NEGOTIATE both Used and New Items such as Cars,Furnitures,Bikes,Computers/Laptops,Toys,Home Appliances,Mobiles,Women Accessories,Shoes etc with just ONE Click
It contains all items starting from Rs 50 such as Ladies Accessories till Rs 80 Lacs such as Range Rover and BMW Cars
You could be a Dealer or Individual from any parts of India and try downloading it to experience complete buying and selling

YouMeBill is a Pocket Accounting App which has got following features

1) Add/Edit/Delete Customers and Suppliers
2) Generate Both GST Invoices and Non GST ie Regular Invoices
3) Maintain Stocks or Inventory
4) Generate Excel Reports
5) Share Reports and Invoices in Google Drive, WhatsApp, Email etc
6) Create Estimates
7) Add Claims or Input Credits
8) Add Expenses like Rent, Electricity, Telephone etc
9) Purchase and Sales Return